Happiness is a feeling, 
Happiness is a task.
Happiness is an emotion,
Which people use to mask,
Their anxieties and their sorrows,
Their tears and their grief,
Happiness comes and goes away,

In a limited time which is brief.

Happiness is a precious feeling,
Happiness always leaves us reeling.
Happiness sets us in cloud nine,
Happiness makes our world seem fine.
Happiness always exists in memories,
Which sums up the equation of life.
Happiness sets us apart from the monotony,
Of our never ending strife.

7 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Good work. Happiness is just a part of one of the nature’s uncertain creation. But happiness only brings uncertain situation where one’s mind can divert easily especially into the world of materialistic. Happiness exists only in stress free environment where one has nothing to do with this materialistic world and one remains into the world of liberty and enjoys to realize a mystery of nature just like a picture frame i.e. not stationary.

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