Letting Go!

Let’s walk a mile for a while,
It seems soothing to let go the feelings that have piled.
A companion to share and a person who cares,
Feels warm to sit with you and stare,
A sky so high which makes me sigh,
To remember every promise which was a lie.

Misunderstandings had crept in and no solutions could be found,
That love which was in the air came crashing on the ground.
Efforts were absent and only regrets remained,
All the love was lost and there was nothing left to gain.
Understanding one’s feelings was so hard a task,
There was less laughter to show and more tears to mask.

Moments that were hidden in my mind,
Now feels like a memory which had made me blind,
This feeling now haunts as the reality slowly daunts,
That I will have to walk alone on the trail which we both were to jaunt.
But I have a feeling that this too shall pass,
We could be away but our feelings would never part.

With every moment we made and every memory that we lived,
There was more love to celebrate and many kisses to give.
But as days passed by the conversations faded,
You got occupied and I felt jaded.
After all the arguments to set everything right,
Finally, I’m letting go tonight.

15 thoughts on “Letting Go!

      1. 😁so kind of you
        You have written so much in small period of time
        This time I have some work so
        I will read you remaining posts another day cz I believe in honesty.
        😉Keep writing
        Keep reading

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s because I joined on that day and I had a lot of post on my previous profile so I did some copy paste from there.😃

        Liked by 1 person

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