Spending hours alone I ask,
What is your take on life?
Behind every smile you mask,
Will you let your heart be stabbed by a knife?
Why do you act so naive?
Why don’t you let love be your slave?

She looked  at me with eyes filled with tears,
And said, You will never understand what a heart full of love now bears.
Love is immortal and so the fear of losing,
Sitting alone I find myself always musing.
About the moments well spent and the memories that remain,
All the efforts that I had made have now gone in vain.

I am alone and so are my thoughts
My love is now lost whom with great efforts I had sought.
I reassuringly told her that love never dies,
She will find love in another one who won’t let her cry,
But deep down inside me a broken heart replied,
That this was the same reason why you never gave another try.

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