Live and Let Live!

Some people say that life goes on,
But I say, live in this moment until it’s gone.
Life is a journey that everyone has to make,
Life is full of risk which everyone has to take.
So why not just live it and let others also live,
Life is not just about what we receive but it’s more of what we are ready to give.

Life is uncertain with so much to explore,
With emotions to pour and memories to score.
Then why waste it on wars and unending strife?
Why don’t you just give up those guns and those knives?
Why do you kill and create so much bloodshed?
Isn’t the color of love also red?

So let’s embrace the grace of this earthly feeling,
Let’s give up the war and let’s start the process of healing.
Life will be more peaceful and warmth will exist everywhere,
There will be more love to share and more people to care.
Life will be meaningful when we are ready to give,
Hence, we must start living and let others also live.

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