Hug and Debug!

A hug is a father’s canopy, a hug is a mother’s love,
A hug is God’s blessing, from the heaven far above.
A hug is a warm embrace, it is our safe space,
Where we can be ourselves, there is no need to be afraid.

A hug is a special gesture from someone close to heart,
Who makes us feel loved and gives our life a head start.
A hug makes us jolly while we are at folly,
It is a sign of forgiveness when we have made a great mess,

A hug is our solace when we want a silent place,
To ponder upon the memories that we in our journey have made.
A hug is comforting when our days are bad, 
It makes up our mood when we are acting mad.


Published in InkDrift

9 thoughts on “Hug and Debug!

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