Edging the Current Generation

Have we come to the end of the world? The predictors say that the world would exist only till 2025 while some claim that their predictions are false. Well, I don’t know about the world but yes, we are surely coming to the end of the current generation. Soon “The Next Gen” is going to take upon us. No, I am not talking about the next gen mobile phones but the next gen humans. They will be much smarter and more advanced. They would be more inclined towards materialism and less towards attachment. Would it mean that harmony, feelings, and oneness would be reduced to mere words in the dictionary? Apathy has already taken a toll upon us. We are not concerned about anything but ourselves.

Procrastination and self-indulgence in outward pleasures is a scene so common.
Care is just in the imagination. Does it mean that caring would no longer be prevalent in the upcoming generation? If that would be the case then who will take care of this aging generation? Remember what we practice today is what our children would learn and apply tomorrow. If you are selfish they would learn selfishness, if you show ignorance towards your responsibilities, they would become ignorant too. Everyone is trying to fit in the crowd by being somebody else. Why do people put on a false mask of something which they are not? Is being real so difficult? Or has it gone out of fashion? Marriages are ending in divorce. People, who cannot even handle their personal lives, how are they going to handle their professional lives? People are losing patience to handle tough situations. We forget to be humble yet we teach humility to our children. How are they supposed to learn things which they don’t see happening around them? Think about it. We are the creators of the next generation.

What we sow so shall we reap. We should not so blinded by the so called sophisticated trends that we forget to instill those values in our children that were passed on to us by our elders. Money is just a short-term gain but values are forever.
Our previous generation had little money but more peace. Today, it’s just the opposite. Rich people are searching for peace while others are running after money.
Money can’t buy happiness, attachments do. Being rich doesn’t matter but being humble makes a difference. Teach your children that being kind, humble and loving is more important than being rich and being a human is more important than being famous. Fashion trends come and go but real trends remain forever. Stop running after money and start caring about others. Life is not made up of wealth but it’s all about emotions.

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