It’s Holi- It’s Color Time

Sitting around the bonfire,

Sharing laughter with old friends.

Those meetings with the relatives,

 And exchanging the gossip which never ends.

The dance and the music,

Which takes place with zest and zeal,

The hidden talent which each one possesses,

Finally, gets itself revealed.

Throwing colored water balloons at each other,

What a fun it seems, 

And the various mixture of color on every face gleams.

Drinking bhang with the gang, is such an inexplicable moment,

But the effect that it leaves on people is nothing less than a torment.

Preparing “puas” and “dahi-vadas” – is every mother’s duty,

Celebrating unity in diversity is this festival’s beauty.

Yes, it happens only in India, it happens only during Holi.

May your life be filled with colors,

Happy Holi to all my friends and brothers.

32 thoughts on “It’s Holi- It’s Color Time

      1. Try visiting India together. It is filled with a lot of colors and cultures. You’ll surely have a great time here. 🙂

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