An Escapade

Cycling alone on the lonely trail of life,

I gaze at the sky which seems like a paradise.

Giving me a hope to live an unbound life,

Letting me escape into the wild after witnessing unending strife.

This narrow lane seems too easy and my journey though looks too cheezy,

Yet, it is filled with unbound trails and unending distance, 

Where I have got to make my way alone without feeling tensed.

These clouds reassure me of a fun filled and adventurous ride,

I feel a bit confident to face every storm filled tide.

Because life is an uncertain journey which we all have to take,

And there are certain decisions which we ourselves have to make.

Picture Credits: David Marcu via Unsplash

16 thoughts on “An Escapade

  1. Creative and Unbounded Work. Great, Uncertain happens where there is parochial thinking, one can find and experiment on “Uncertainty Principle”. Your work is uncertain in physical world. But certain and experiments in “Quantum and Wave like Space Fluctuations”.

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