Inseparable- Short Fiction

She passed away leaving behind all her memories,

But her heart was still beating,

Inside their 6-month-old daughter.

Love remained ignited,

Even when her soul had departed.

Picture Credits: Amanda Jordan via Unsplash


34 thoughts on “Inseparable- Short Fiction

  1. Beautiful a masterpiece Sheetal. A great apt picture and so true a mother is always there with her children no matter what and wherever she may be. That is the love of a mother all the love showered by the Lord on her to carry it to her children. Loved your wonderful poem.

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  2. Great work. But soul still remains into the world of “Materials”. Yes, appreciate your work but scientifically this environment is created by “Creator” after Him, there will be “Uncertainty of matters and light” where emotions and feelings are separated by two entities. Sorry, as i say like this but this is only an opinion.

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