Lust- Desire or Sin

Lust is like a river, which flows through our actions,
Lust is like a catalyst, through which two souls form their connection,
Lust reveals the hidden desire, which in public remains sealed,
Lust gives birth to love, which gets the two broken hearts healed.

Lust is a fantasy which fills us with ecstasy, that we find hard to oppress,
Lust reveals our love for each other which can’t be suppressed,
Lust teaches us coordination which results in harmonic integration,
Consolidating two souls into one and fills our life with unending fun.

Lust creates an attraction towards the significant other,
Lust satisfies the needs of each other without having much to bother,
Lust binds two souls and lets their desires unfold,
When they are together, lust finds hard to withhold.

Lust creates symphony of desires and yearns,
Lust creates the empathy in which every soul burns.
Lust creates a longing to be with each other.
Lust helps us to fight stress and saves us from distress.

Lust is a sin which everyone finds hard to forego,
Lust is an addiction which sways them to and fro.
Without lust, love would cease to progress,
Without lust, nature would cease to process.

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