Oh! Naive Human

Oh! My Naive Human,
What makes you act so inhumane?
Is it Pride, Greed, Anger or Jealousy?
Aren’t you aware of the trait of Courtesy?

What makes you act so sinful?
Why don’t you make your living meaningful?
Look around, you will find the selfless nature gleaming,
Look at the sky, you will find the sun and birds beaming.
From where did you learn this sin of insatiable greed?
While your surrounding nature has always shown you selfless deeds.
Oh! Naive Human, take my heed
Otherwise, you will be left with no option but to kneel and just plead,
Greed is just a sinful seed,
For which one day you will have to bleed.
To pay for your greedy act,
As you already know, this is an established fact.
As the famous proverb also says, “As you sow so shall you reap”,
When your karma will hit you, you won’t be able to sleep.
God gives endless chances to you to change your ways,
And then he finally gives up and shows you, your deserving days.
Those days will slaughter your soul filled with greed,
Until your soul with all these sins is freed.
Oh! Naive Human, take my heed,
Give up your sins which are even rebuked by your creed.
Practice harmony and spread thy love,
Preach compassion shown to you by nature and The Almighty above.
Practice courtesy and stick to your faith,
That would prevent you from falling into karma’s bait.

21 thoughts on “Oh! Naive Human

  1. “Satan” and “Angels”, great history of these two entities. In fact “Satan” help humans in ancient time where our ancestors rely on these. But “Spiritually they are not erroneous but assist the humans faculty. Great ” Writing Machine”.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You. Are. Good. So. Good.
    My hair legit rose with reading ‘Karma’s bait’. You really great with words, man. Huge huge fan

    Liked by 1 person

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