My Best Man!

Every day when I sleep I see him in my dreams,
He bought me cupcake and lot of ice-cream,
He is my hero since the day zero,
Whenever at home we are always a team.

He bought me dolls and bullet toy guns,
When we are together it is always so much fun,
He is my secret Santa for all my Christmas gifts,
Whenever I am sad he makes my mood shift.

My mother used to call us “The Two Hooligans” at home,
And we used to address her “The Mummy” imported from Rome.
He used to take us on holidays to the beaches and the hills,
Where we used to forget the summer heat and happily enjoyed the chills.

Growing up bought responsibilities as my daddy is too growing old,
I miss my childhood moments when he pampered me and made me bold.
He is always my inspiration to rise and do something great,
But still, I look up to him as my funny childhood mate. 



NaPoWriMo Day 10 #Potrait



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