Let go!

Unravel the path of your life,

See what’s in store for you,

Don’t forget to make good moments,

Some old and some new.

Those moments will turn into memories,

That will be filmed on your death bed,

Don’t let your arrogance get high in your head,

As it will result in your loneliness instead,

It will prevent you from enjoying the deep joys of life,

That can only be possible if you let go of your pride.

Daily Prompt: Unravel

16 thoughts on “Let go!

  1. Creative, ” Writing Machine”. Life is that kind of medium where uncertainties cannot hide their thoughts as they are abiding the path of life. Erwin Schrödinger (Physicist) book “What is life” is the best way to understand what actual life behaves and what you are doing related to life is creative and passionate. Brilliant.


  2. Creative, ” Writing Machine”. One has to understand what life is and how it behaves?. As Erwin Schrödinger The great Physicist wrote a non fiction book “What is life?” Where he explains how life behaves and what you are doing and understand what life is so creative and passionate. Brilliant.

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