Alliterating Alphabets

Adam’s apple aced an addiction,

Boisterous and bold both begged benediction,

Crooked too craved collinear creation,

Enchantress was enchanted for enormous emancipation,

Fools were fooled by foolish falsification

Glitters did glitter with glee and gratification,

Happiness and humor were held in harmonization,

Indigenous idealized intrinsic idolisation,

Just was judged without any justification,

Kind and keen opted for keratinization,

Lust loves love yet lacks lustration,

Man made money and multiplied materialization,

Needing nature is not a necessitation,

Optimizing one’s opulence is one’s own obligation,

People’s pretense pollutes their personalization,

Quest is queued in queer qualification,

Racism should be razed with reconceptualization,

Sacrifice is a significant substance for sound salvation,

Transgenders transcend all trails of tragic transformation,

Unity unites unified and unanimous unionization,

Valiant and valor are vested in vindication,

Xenophobic x-age is extended towards extinction,

Zeal and zing need a regular zincification.


NaPoWriMo Day 12 #Alliteration

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47 thoughts on “Alliterating Alphabets

  1. Now that’s how A to Z should look like. I had tried this for a poetry course while I took from wordpress. I am pretty sure you would have enjoyed writing this.
    I would pick lines with L and P as my favorites! 🙂 Awesome one..:-)

    Liked by 2 people

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