Linked Existence

Earth- This word is enough to define our existence in this galaxy! Yet, we are not using these free resources provided by Our Mother Earth sustainably. Natural Resources are being depleted till their existence becomes questionable. Why? Can’t we show our care to our medium of existence? Or are we too selfish to let go of our so-called luxuries that we cannot afford to give them up? How will the upcoming generation survive? My idea of the earth is the greenery, the chirping birds, the blooming flowers, the mighty mountains, and the smell of the wet mud! 

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This is a short movie for you which captures the different essence and varied glimpses of Mother Nature.

These shots feature NH-33 which is links Jamshedpur to Ranchi.

This post is a special feature on the occasion of Earth Day.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

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Featured Picture Courtesy: YouTube

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