Humility Speaks

Zip your mouth,

Don’t be too loud.

Spread your love,

To your special ones.

Practice harmony,

It’s too much fun,

To be together than far apart,

To be in their thoughts, to be in their heart,

Preach compassion as life is too short,

Pray and bless, don’t leave anyone out,

As when you die your compassion will peek,

The money will act meek and your actions will speak.


Daily Prompt: Zip

Featured Image Courtesy: Crosswalk

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37 thoughts on “Humility Speaks

  1. Great, ” Writing Machine”. I think nature does not have much impact on you and everyone. But you teach such kind of philosophy that is different than the present world. Also you try to explain how one can inspire himself without any pride or any kind of distress, desperation, and how one can travel along with this nature. “GREAT”.

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