A Woman’s Life

With strong roots in an Indian tradition,

She entered the house of her in-laws.

They looked all chirpy and their face glowed with smiles,

But inside they were hungry to satisfy their mirth,

By destroying her precious self-worth.

She wanted to build a home well knitted by love,

But she found herself caged in shackles of responsibilities,

That was not solely her own.

She needed her husband’s support,

But all she got was his ignorance,

She needed her mother in-law’s love,

But her heart got pierced by her sharp taunts.

She sought her father in-law’s blessings,

But all she got to hear was his insatiable greedy comments.

She was left alone in between these vultures,

Who sucked her inner peace and self-respect.

Every day she would sit on her balcony all by herself,

And introspect where she had been wrong,

But later on, she realized this is how a woman’s life has always been,

A sacrifice for everyone who was unjust and mean.

She had to give up her self-esteem,

Just to see her loved one’s faces beam.

She does all the household work,

While they greet her with a smirk.


Daily Post: Roots

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60 thoughts on “A Woman’s Life

      1. Women are the creator and destroyer of this entire universe, as “Creation and Destruction both are in hands of women”. One has to understand the meaning of Women why women are so indispensable for everything as they give birth to a newly star and rejuvenate their entire emotions silently.

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  1. Thank you for this post! It brings to light so many issues that need to be addressed in relationships and in cultures. It is very sad, but it’s reality. Unfortunate as it may seem. Great post, Sheetal!

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  2. You are so welcome! That is so very true, and even for the educated women of the world…It’s still so hard to get passed the bad mentalities of mistakes made in the past. Keep up the amazing expression!

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  3. Oh my God Sheetal!! I know all this so true for many women but I hope it’s not coming from a personal experience. I know it’s tough for all women but women are strong beings…we have the courage to sail through 🙂 Great poem.

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      1. Not like that now days people have different perceptions , lot of them are changing their mentality even they are empowering their daughters , sisters .
        As you discussed about mother in law , sister in law
        Why dude ? This is not fair even they are also women they are also sister ,mother of someone .
        People are creating a negative mentality that pretty sure sister in law will be silly girl and mother in law will be Adolf Hitler 😂😂

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      2. With due respect to your feelings, I strongly disagree with your viewpoint. I am not generalizing here but there are a lot of women who have faced this even the mother in law that you are talking about might have faced this torment in her own days. This is just revealing the plight that women have to go through . I am not creating or trying to spread any negative mentality here. Even I am against all negativity. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

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      1. It is written through the experiences I saw and did read about. (not mine though. I’m happily single) But even when you think of divorce and to chill the society grills you under social pressures.

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      2. True that.. I typed “fuck the society” then reality slapped me right in the face.. if you were a reader of the first few posts of my life in a series you’d know how I divorced and chilled lol!

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