An Ode To My Love

When I see you through those windows of glass,
Peeking out and calling to the mass,
With an urge to impart some words of wisdom,
To create some knowledge and do away with the boredom.

You are found in those libraries too,
Filled with dust and fixed with glue.
The smell of your pages seem to draw me close,
Reading your stories does make my face glow.

You never fail to surprise me at times,
With your stories and novels or with your humorous rhymes.
Everyone says you are a true and faithful friend,
A loyal soulmate who does not pretend.

You attract me by your meaningful preface,
The knowledge you contain seems to be ageless.
People look up to you to enhance their skills,
So that they can pay for their hefty entertainment bills.

You are a true companion in my solitude,
When my life is screwed and my situations are shrewd.
I find my comfort in between your yellow and crisp pages,
Which helps me keep calm and keeps my mind totally engaged.

Oh, Thou Book! I love you so much,
You give my life a meaningful touch.
My love for you seems to increase day by day,
I don’t feel elated when you are away.



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27 thoughts on “An Ode To My Love

  1. Great, “Writing Machine”. Books contain “Giant Knowledge”. Something like a Vast Number of Stars into space. One has to be more curious and passionate about book’s life in everywhere whether it is in shops, libraries, school, colleges, universities and even in homes.

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