Young Phoenix Award- The Newest Of The New

Well, another chocolate chip in the cookie. 😀 The name itself is quite royal and I am glad to have received the Young Pheonix Award from one amazing Storyteller. I received it for my post  PotterhewHer stories are intriguing, humorous and full of love. Stories are a part of her life. Please do visit her blog and show some love.

The lovely founder of this award is none other than  Idealize blog.

Well, I would like to give this award to chaos-xd The Dark Queen, as she is famous for instilling a love for The Dark, through her dark stories and poems in her dark blog named A Glimpse Of Darkness for The Ribbons. I was waiting for her to release the full story before I present the award to her. So now you can guess my obsession with her stories. Well, I cannot post a specific extract because the story is mysteriously linked in parts. Please do read this story and visit her blog to get a beautiful glimpse of Darkness and Chaos.

Presenting the award for this lovely lady here. Tada. 😀


Rules for the awardee:

  1. In the hope of preserving the authenticity of this award, only one blogger is to be awarded by the recipient who forwards it to his/her next Phoenix. (Let’s keep this chain moving while rewarding the best please).
  2. Awarding is done by presenting the blogger and post extract considered as a Phoenix via a post with a link to the phoenix post. Explain why this post is your Phoenix. Notify the lucky blogger.
  3. 5 random questions can be asked to the awardee.
  4. Please remember to appreciate the award and the blogger who thought of you for this award.
  5. Display your award for all to see and be proud to call yourself a phoenix.
  6. Mention the creator of the award and please don’t let the chain die out.


87 thoughts on “Young Phoenix Award- The Newest Of The New

  1. Oh my goodness! That intro and seeing my name and the tag and that description and the love you had for the dark series of ribbons just blew my mind up in flames! Happy flames I mean! Thank you sugar pudding! 😙✌

    Liked by 5 people

  2. I typed that comment right after I read the tag for me and proceeded to read the rest and just realized that this whole post if just for me!

    Babe I feel like you’ve just crowned me in the kingdom of happiness! U have no idea how delighted I am!
    Much love! xoxo 😙✌

    Liked by 5 people

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