Mommy, I Love You

Mother- single word but unending emotions,

A mother is God’s angel who creates us keeps us safe inside her,

Till we are ready to come in this world,

She undergoes pain to introduce us to this world,

Yet she keeps us safe and walks behind us,

Like a shadow protecting us from any exterior harm,

She nourishes her with her milk, and the food she cooks,

She sacrifices her dreams so that we can create ours,

She gives up her aspirations so that we can fulfill ours,

She is the epitome of sacrifice and selfless love,

Not only this day but every day should be a mothers day,

Because she is the reason for our existence,

Her sacrifices have helped us in carving our identity,

Maa, I am a drop and you are my ocean,

I am you and you are me and I feel proud about it.

You deserve much more than a Thank You can ever convey,

Maa, I love you and I want to live each day of my life,

With you because you too have done the same for me.


Happy Mother’s Day to every mother. This poem is dedicated to all of you dear ladies.

Love you all.

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