Ramblings On Life #2

Life is made up of emotions, expressions, situations, and passions. Life consists of many textures and love is one of them. Love cannot be felt unless it is lived. Love is a close intimacy between two unbound souls. It binds them together into one to make them whole. Without love, life would be meaningless, love provides a purpose, a clear path to life closely knitted by a web of relations, ambitions, and aspirations. 

Life and love create an infinite loop of moments which are then converted into memories. These memories are like a movie constantly replaying on our mind’s tape.

Love teaches us to be selfless, Love teaches us to care, and to share our most vulnerable parts of the soul. Love teaches us to let go, to move on despite our inner pain. Love teaches us to embrace pain, and wear it like a shield to avoid falling for the same trap again. Love allows us to be our true selves with the significant other. Love is paradise as well as hell depends upon who is the creator.

Love is powerful enough to render us powerless.

Love sets us free from every bondage. Love teaches us to be strong. It teaches us to fight for the right. Love teaches us to give without asking for anything in return. Love is a proximity of two bound souls. love is timeless, love is priceless. It sets us reeling head over heels. I will not talk about relationships here because that is not the only thing which constitutes love. Love is pure in every aspect of itself. It is unbound, timeless and ageless.

Love is sunshine, Love is rain. Love is happiness, love is pain. Love can make our life colourful as well as colourless within a speck of a second.

Love can only be felt when one allows oneself to sacrifice, to give without any expectations. Love isn’t thoughtful but sometimes it is ruthless. It tears us apart beyond repair. But still, life should go on because it is not the end. Life is full of opportunities and positivity. In order to live, we must embrace both positive and negative aspects and merge them into a balanced proportion to create a healthy concoction. 

Love is an aspect of life. But it’s not where life should completely end. Life is much more than love. Life is humor, life is like a river. It should keep on flowing to sustain an individual’s existence. Whether love is deserving or undeserving that only time can prove. Future remains unknown. Love is a gamble, a play on words, an explicit experience that lasts a lifetime. It teaches us things that even life alone cannot. Whatever be the situation – Life goes on!

16 thoughts on “Ramblings On Life #2

      1. Hello and thanks,
        I always appreciate your work not because I follow your blog or you follow my blog, but you write without any profit and write creatively and imaginatively. However, I am not a good writer, I write only what comes in my mind whatever it is elegant or poor. So, thanks and I wish for your creative career and hope you will not only achieve everything but understand and struggle for life.
        Best Wishes ,
        SuNny KOul

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