Welcome to my world. I am Sheetal Bhardwaj, a crazy and bubbly ambivert full of ideas, enthusiastic about exploring new talents, hobbies, and places. I am crazy about traveling and food. My dream is to travel across the globe and learn new traditions of different countries. I am quite philosophical and an avid reader and thinker. I like variations in ideas and mysteries. I love music but not as much as books. The smell of the new pages of books attract me but their stories transport me to a new world of their own. I love making friends and interacting with them but on the same lines, I love being alone and contemplating different ideas that play in my mind.

Being a student, reader, tech savvy and full of ideas, I am drawn towards the idea of blogging just like a hungry person gets drawn to food. Writing is my way of releasing my emotions, ideas, and thoughts into a neatly penned article or story or poems. Be ready to explore the world differently through my vision in my blog. I have many wishes to fulfill but one just got fulfilled and there are yet more to come. We have got to explore more in life – some would be disappointing and some filled with joy. Let’s do it together!

My blog is a variation of different aspects of life and it would provoke you to look at life through a different end of a telescope. Hope you enjoy reading it.

**Wanna know why I started this blog?

Well, I was too bored with my ramblings and my thoughts running in my mind. Thought to share this boredom with you too. 😛

This place is my mind’s palace where I keep my inner thoughts and aspirations. It’s my “Public Diary” which consists of my “Personal Thoughts”. Hope you like this place too and keep visiting here again and again so that it never remains lonely. 

I recently got featured in Thought Catalog and much more to come. Yayy! Much Love to all my readers. ❤