Life, as we say is an ocean of situations, a deep desire to live and a journey of uncertainty. But we forget to mention that life is a chain that links us with people, moments and memories, with emotions, desires, and disappointments. Yes, people say that life has to be lived to the fullest but they don’t tell us ‘how’? It’s because they don’t even know the answer themselves. We are too stuck in the past that we forget to live in the present or should I say we are too busy securing our future that we have no time left to reflect on our present. Well, this is what life has become, a never ending race to reach somewhere yet unknown. 
Everyone acts busy yet they live in seclusion. Everyone is socially active but emotionally drained. Technology can’t replace everything not emotions for sure because they have a different world of their own in which warmth, care, and oneness reside. Those days were comforting when playgrounds existed, festive gatherings were held, silly jokes were passed around as people laughed and memories were made as the days passed. But now technology has engulfed it all. Indoor gaming, festive greetings, and forwarded messages! They seem to be taking a toll on emotions and attachment. There seems to be just a mirage of happiness!

Why don’t we take some time out of a busy schedule and do something that we have not yet done? Do something different. Talk to a long lost friend, go on a dinner date with your parents, go on a date with yourself, go to solo movies. Treat yourself well but others too. Act, reflect and rise because karma has the key to the lucky door. Why do you depend on somebody to make your day? Depend on yourself. We always tend to keep the key of our happiness in someone else’s pocket and then end of thinking why we aren’t happy? Everyone wants to cling to something in order to live and then they ponder as to why they aren’t free. Set your emotions, situations, and tensions free then only will you be able to live, live to the fullest. This life is yours, make every moment count.

Republished on BayArt

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