Somewhere In Between

As I love surprises so a quick natural surprise for all my readers. More surprises are on their way. 😀 This picture was taken when I was on my way to Delhi. It might as well be called a “somewhere in between” picture. And it also contains two of my most favorite things- Clouds and Greenery. Natural things are meant to be naturally beautiful. 

WP_20160811_14_47_37_Pro.jpg Somewhere in between dreams and reality

WP_20160803_17_43_38_ProSomewhere in between raindrops and rainbows

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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Featured Picture Courtesy: Tribaspace

53 thoughts on “Somewhere In Between

  1. I was amazed at your pictures. Another country thousands of miles away from me, and the landscape is the same. You are right “Natural things are meant to be naturally beautiful”.

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  2. As beautiful as the pictures are.. your captions just enhanced it’s beauty in so many different levels! 😍

    “Somewhere in between dreams and reality..
    Somewhere in between raindrops and rainbows”

    Wow! 👌

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