Pros Of Dating A Candid Person

Relationships are not always sugary. Sometimes they can roll you of your feet, make you doubt your own beliefs and provoke you to become a better person. When people are in a relationship they tend to add some cheese in their interactions so as to keep their partner impressed. If your partner is not doing such things then dude you are dating some serious and candid skeleton! 😛 Having a candid partner has its own advantages. Let’s have a look.

  • They don’t always keep things cheesy.

A candid person is not always fancy and they don’t come much handy as well. They are not afraid to speak their mind even if it means that they have to point out your shortcomings. But that does make you a better person.

  • They don’t let you keep guessing what they think.

Candid people are not afraid to speak what they feel. They won’t keep you guessing about their inner emotions. They will rather choose to aim their words at you like a water balloon.

  • They enhance your personality.

They don’t say things just to impress you. They speak their mind. They say what you are rather than what you think yourselves to be.

  • You lead a life which is less dramatic and more meaningful.

Such people don’t like drama in their lives. And guess what in your lives too. They will rather prefer to be straight forward blunt or nothing at all. Having an honest partner saves you from daily tantrums and all the shit of being a novice.

  • They love you intensely and honestly.

They will love you intensely and with true emotions. They don’t hold back what is in their heart. They are not afraid to share their emotions.

  • They are loyal in a relationship.

They are loyal lovers. Cheating isn’t their thing. They would rather prefer to let the cat out of the bag rather than double-date you. However, they don’t entertain cheaters too. Be ready for a face off if you act unloyal.  Their trust issues won’t let them forgive you.

  • They have clear intentions about your relationship.

They have a clear future for both of you. They won’t hesitate in discussing that with you. They are confident about what they feel. They won’t ever let you go.

Honest people are hard to handle. Yet, they will sweep you off your feet with a pinch of their bluntness. Their presence will make your life adventurous and more meaningful. You will never get bored in their company. Their sarcastic nature will keep you glued to their personality. So, consider yourself lucky if you’ve found one blunt knife to lead your life. 😀 


Originally Published in Thought Catalog


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13 thoughts on “Pros Of Dating A Candid Person

  1. Yesss such accurate descriptions. I have my sister and two of my very best friends fitting perfectly with everything you said although I’m dating neither of them. Lol.
    We need people giving us reality checks and ‘improving’ our real personalities from time to time. This was Great xD xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Blunt knife????? might as well just bleed forever if there wont be some seconds of ‘cheese adding’….. love this post and yes be blunt as long as the intention is good…

    Liked by 2 people

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