Oh! It’s Spring

Oh! it’s spring, these words in our ears ring, 
Like music of the bird, like the hustles of the herd, 
Like chiming bells, like the clicking water in the well, 
Like tickings of a clock, like a light and pleasant knock, 

Like whooping of a dog, like the humming of the fog,
Like symphony of the choir, like the mitigating fire, 

Like hooting at the party, like a laughter too hearty, 
Like the patter of the rain, like the crackle of a grain, 

Like the chords of the guitar, like the strings of a sitar,
Like the lullaby of a mother, like plaudits of a father, 

Like sprinkles of the morning dew, like sprays of different hues 
Like a sonnet in the moonlit night, like gushes of the wind from a height. 

Like twinning laughter of kids, like the exciting shrill of people in a bid,
Like the silence of the windy day, like the horses chomping hay, 

Like rustling of the autumn leaves, like swaying branches on the trees, 
Like the herald of the new beginning, like a cheer when someone’s winning, 

Like crinkling of love letters, like the roar of a prisoner unbound from fetter,
Like the whistle of the flute, like the sweet voice of someone cute, 

Like a vehicle’s squeak, like a squeal when one’s excitement is at its peak, 
Like the chords of a romantic song, like the whirling ocean waves which seem too strong, 

Like the whirring of a spinning top, like the gushing water cutting through the rock, 
Like the song of the melodious strings, like the pleasant fall of the beautiful springs, 
Thus, when spring comes in full swing, it gives our hearts a wing of happiness, 
And clears all mess and lifts us from distress, Oh! its spring creates a new zing. 

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