Luck-Just A Flawed Faith!

The concept of Luck itself seems flawed. I feel it’s just a false hope that people keep when everything goes wrong. Luck happens by chance and not by choice. It is just as uncertain as life. Luck defines our shortcomings, it defines our lack of focus. Many a time we hear children say, “Luckily I passed, I hadn’t studied a bit”. I do not get their idea behind saying this. They are merely creating a flaw in the concept of hard work. Luck never favors the idle. It creates a destiny for those who are willing to work towards it. Luck is just a hope for a better tomorrow. Luck is just a ray of light in the room of darkness. It is not wrong to have a faith in the moment of despair. But we should not get carried away by it to such an extent that we forget to do our part. Hard work yields success, luck is merely a pushing factor towards attaining it with confidence.

Daily Prompt: Luck

43 thoughts on “Luck-Just A Flawed Faith!

    1. My belief in these words does not mean I am living in a world of eternal bliss. I am aware of the fallacy and true nature of these uncertainities as well. 🙂


      1. Yes absolutely. But unconscious things are also a conscious in a “Quantum World” where one need to understand the “Quantum Foam and Quantum Uncertainty Principle”.

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      2. I do not want to compel you as you understand the mechanics behind “Quantum Foam”. You are “Creative and Imaginative being”. Keep your momentum like a spacetime.

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