Longing For You!

Later that day when you were away,
Moments of our togetherness made my head sway,
To the strings of your memories which played in my mind all day.
Hey, Beloved! Come to me and forever stay,
With a promise of togetherness come what may.

Love is a scandal of two hearts and souls,
Staying together forever is every relationship’s goal.
Some stay forever while some cease to exist,
While holding on to each other, we both get our feelings mixed,
In kisses and caresses, in every lovable deed,
In every sin and folly, in every vow and creed.

Love entangles two souls into one,
Being together makes our life much more fun.
I cannot imagine myself without you,
I am your girlfriend and you are my beau.
To love you is my madness which increases day by day,
I don’t feel delighted when you are away.

Daily Prompt: Later

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27 thoughts on “Longing For You!

  1. Very well written❤👍and hey I will answer your sky tag questions in my another post coz I have been tagged by some others too, so I will inform u when I will post! I m really sorry I was unavailable for few days, will surely read and comment further… Happy day to you!❤😇👍

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