Mind’s Maze

My mind consists of

A chain of your thoughts,

which form a maze-like structure.

It is hard to figure out,

as this puzzle gets on deepening.

I ponder at night,

I sit in darkness with my eyes closed,

My hands shaking to the mere ocean of your memories,

which appear like a whirlpool of waves,

churning my mind, drawing me towards its mess,

like a magnetic force, I try to move away,

but it’s effect turns my efforts into a waste of energy,

It slowly sucks my happiness and absorbs my peace of mind,

Sending me into oblivion, I have no option left,

But to lie on my bed and close my weary eyes,

As I surrender myself into night’s slumber,

till my ship passes this hurricane until I wake up

on the peaceful shore, all set to sail again.

Daily Prompt: Maze

20 thoughts on “Mind’s Maze

  1. Great, ‘ Thinker’. Exactly “A Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Consciousness”. Mind is the God and Mind is Space. Only one entity can challenge the Albert Einstein’s Equation, that is E=mc2 is only mind which can travels faster than light.

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