Ramblings on Life #1

LIFE is just a four letter word but it has depth, it is vast, it is undeterminable and it cannot be defined. Life is unpredictable and is fragile like a new born baby. It remains a secret till the end. Life is a great teacher it teaches us throughout our journey. Life struggles through the rough patches and along the lonely trails. But it never stops, it never rests. It keeps moving on like the hands of the ticking clock only to halt at the last stop which is its destination.

Life is never late nor does it ever wait for the lazy and the wretched, or the gloomy and the wicked. Everyone has different intentions in their life but life determines a fate which is equivalent to one’s deeds. Life is fair but sometimes it’s cruel. We need to adjust to life’s tantrums while it refuses to compromise on ours. Such a stubborn girl is life.

“Life is meant to be lived and not to be wasted away in fears and regrets.” This is what people say but they do not tend to live up to this motto. They waste their life in luxury and misery. They practice sins and shun their virtues to enjoy the vices of life. But life keeps on watching them from the corner of its eyes, penning down every deed in the ledger of one’s Karma.

Life is made up of moments and knitted into the chain of memories. Some good, some bad, some happy and some sad. Life is a mixture of the sweet and the sour. Life is fire, life is water. Life is a treacherous teacher. Β Life is anonymously familiar. Such an oxymoron some situations are.Β 

What else can I say about life? We just have to live it and learn from it. And I have just begun to live, to learn, to yearn, to hope. I am on my way to an unknown destination hopeful about my future. Every step leads me closer to my destiny. It makes me wriggle and juggle for my fate which I personally think we carve ourselves. It’s neither planned in advance nor is it written on our palms. We are the mere creators of our destiny. God just moves along with us jotting down snippets of our Karma. Maybe he is marking how much we need to suffer before we finally come knocking at his door.

Life is to be loved and lived. But most importantly, it has to be nurtured. Because life is like a new born baby fragile and sensitive. Life cannot deal with shit or even if it can, it has to pay a price. Shit is pricey just as blessings are.Β 

Life is priceless just as memories are. Live it gracefully. Slay each day with your existence and your motivation. Live each day to the fullest. Life has a purpose- to love, to give, to live and to be thankful for each additional day.


60 thoughts on “Ramblings on Life #1

  1. Nice post. Life goes by, all we have to do is to make the most out of it. It is not to be understood, rather to be lived. Maybe there is no meaning of life, maybe it is play which goes on and we are the actors and the spectators πŸ™‚

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  2. Great, “Thinker”. Life is nothing but encourages and meditates itself, not has so much disparages and “In fact life does not exist similar like a “Time” as this is only the “Medium”. So, life is consciousness and even when one follows a cyclic path, one must come again at the same path from where one had started. So, one is “traveler” not considered life into his entire body and mind. Finally, your affords are best, but remains uncertain because “ONE DOES NOT SEE A DARK MOON”.

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  3. I’ve been needing some motivation, inspiration, to really give life a new perspective. It’s been feeling quite flat. But this post–your post–has breathed some life into my day. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  4. Such an inspiring post. I have started writing lately and my subjects are similar. I Would be grateful to u if you could just check out my blog and give your feedback

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  5. I really enjoyed this. What a refreshing post. I am very new to the blog world – I started my blog all of 3 days ago… so I am just loving the vast array of posts I am stumbling across. Great blog xx

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  6. Really nice post , thank you so much for sharing . I best liked this quote : “Life is to be loved and lived. But most importantly, it has to be nurtured. Because life is like a new born baby fragile and sensitive. Life cannot deal with shit or even if it can, it has to pay a price. Shit is pricey just as blessings are.” Have a nice day and a Nice Life :* πŸ™‚ !

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  7. Hi Sheetal,
    As a new blogger I am so happy I came across your blog, it was beautiful and truly inspiring. If you ever have the time would you please kindly check mine formeforyouweb.wordpress.com, it would mean the world to me, thank you.
    Best regards,
    Karen Pujos πŸ™‚

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  8. It is so inspiring.. You perfectly said things about life. And i salute you for that. You realy inspired me there. Actually, my first post is about life too. And now, I am inspired to write things regarding that topic again.. Thanks for inspiringπŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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