The Prowess of Creation

A woman’s life is a treacherous perpetrator hiding beneath the veil of compassion, only to cover her inner peace and tranquility with dusty layers of betrayal, ignorance, and misery, and to slaughter her innocent soul to such an extent that it cannot restore itself to its former version again. Society is yet another cause of this treachery. It slowly sets a poisonous trap in the namesake of social norms that cage women inside the gloomy walls of their suffocating huts. Their dreams are killed, their aspirations are suppressed and their sobs go unnoticed. Women live in such a dejected state in a country where female idols are worshiped but a female body is scarred, played with and destroyed. Women are seen as a medium of entertainment and dowry. They are tagged under the weaker sections of the society merely upon the misconception that they are less manly. But once a woman is determined to uplift herself, no person on this earth can ever bring her down. No one would dare to diminish her valiant spirit and no one would ever have the courage to destroy her emotions again.

24 thoughts on “The Prowess of Creation

  1. Quite a thought provoking post. But I agree with you. That’s the state of most women in.our society. But our job shouldn’t end just here. It’s our responsibility to constantly motivate such women to fight for their rights too !

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      1. This shows your creativity and uncertainty. Well I am a learner and we (humans) are traveler in dark space so understand clearly and imagination make everyone to solve some riddles and I am a learner of Cosmology and Nature and their server, I only serve. You assist me, I know, hear this you feel too uncertain. But I learn from your articles and also from others. I am just a server and mediums are beings like you and of course everyone those assist me with their creative and eternal writings. Thanks again for this. All the best for your future and also for everyone. Keep your momentum like this and always be a contender in life.

        Best Wishes,


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